Shameless Promotion

The 2 plugins I’ve written are both in the plugin competition over at So, if you like them, please head on over and vote. Thanks!


New Blog Defaults Plugin for WPMU

I’ve seen a lot of discussion on how site admins can set defaults for new blogs created in a WordPress Mu environment. Most of the solutions involve figuring out which option you want to change and manually updating the schema.php (ie – hacking the core) or using a plugin file where you manually type in the update_option() command for the option you want to set. I decided to create a plugin that would provide an administrative interface to most of the blog settings, so that site admins wouldn’t have to mess with files. No code knowledge needed.

Anyway, I uploaded the files over at WPMU Dev. Take a crack at them and let me know what you think.

Updated Blog Topics Plugin

After some feedback, I’ve updated the blog topics plugin.

New features:

  • New 3-in-1 widget replaces previous widget
    • Display blog topic (linked to blog-topics.php page which displays list of all blogs by topic)
    • Display related blogs
    • Display related posts
  • Everywhere queries are run, the main blog is excluded
  • Example front-page.php and blog-topics.php file updated to use the default WPMU theme

Most importantly, I’ve found a permanent home for the blog topics code. You can now find the code over at the plugins directory at I’ll make updates to the code base there, and try to remember to update here as well.

Blog Topics Plugin Code

WordPress MU Blog Topics Plugin

Updated! Please view the new post here.

As we’re preparing to launch a WordPress MU site, we realized we needed a way to categorize blogs by topic, so we could create a portal of sorts that didn’t rely on user-generated categories or tags. We wanted to control a taxonomy for the portal. After searching the existing plugins, I found one that got us close, but it wasn’t done in a very efficient way. So, I took that base, and re-wrote the code. Props to Ezequiel Conte (, for the base code that got me started.

Without further ado, here is the Blog Topics plugin and widget.

Full instructions are in the read me file.

Brief instructions:

  • Unzip the file somewhere
  • Upload the cets_blogtopics.php file to the wp-content/mu-plugins folder
  • Log in as site admin and go to “Blog Topics Management” to add your topics.

New blog creators will be asked to pick a topic. Existing blogs will be defaulted to topic id 1.

Upload the widget file if you want to use the widget, or use the two additional files provided to create topic portal pages.