New Blog Defaults Plugin for WPMU

I’ve seen a lot of discussion on how site admins can set defaults for new blogs created in a WordPress Mu environment. Most of the solutions involve figuring out which option you want to change and manually updating the schema.php (ie – hacking the core) or using a plugin file where you manually type in the update_option() command for the option you want to set. I decided to create a plugin that would provide an administrative interface to most of the blog settings, so that site admins wouldn’t have to mess with files. No code knowledge needed.

Anyway, I uploaded the files over at WPMU Dev. Take a crack at them and let me know what you think.


6 thoughts on “New Blog Defaults Plugin for WPMU

  1. Thanks a lot. Two really useful plugins you’ve posted at Testing them already. This one will be great in combination with Plugin Commander and dsader’s Menus plugin.

  2. Great plugin! I was wondering if you new how I could add the following functionality to the plugin. I would like to add the ability to choose the Front Page Displays (Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays). I set up my install of wpmu to automatically create 5 static pages, which it does beautifully. Two of those static pages are titled “Welcome” and “Blogs.” My goal is to then have the system automatically choose the “Welcome” page as the default Front Page and the “Blog” page as the default Posts page. As you know, this can be done manually by the user through “Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays, etc. But my goal is to automate that process. This plugin, seems to be the closest solution I have found so far. Thanks for your time! Awesome work!

  3. Terence,
    There are 3 options in combination that you would need to use:
    1. show_on_front – defaults to “posts” and would need to be set to “pages”
    2. page_on_front – needs to be set to the ID of the page you want
    3. page_for_posts – needs to be set to the ID of the page you want

    To alter the plugin to include those, you’d add them to the array (starting on line 49). If you know what you want, you could just hardcode your desired defaults right there and not even worry about adding it to the gui. I didn’t include it because the ID’s have the potential to be different for every blog, making a default sort of pointless. Make sense?

  4. Thanks for the reply. I discovered the ID for the Welcome page is “2” and the ID for the Blog page is “7” so I tried adding the following code to the array, but it didn’t work so I probably did something wrong.


    Can you see what I did wrong and how I could fix it? Thanks again!


  5. Hey friend
    you done a fantastic plugin….thanks for giving such a superb plugin to wordpress users…

    I have a same question how to set front page to page, i have to set my “About” page to front page, and “About” page’s id is 2 … can u show it with code please… i have to solve this till 10th july please help me …… or you can send email to my email id ….

    Thanks a lot

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