Embed RSS Plugin

I know that some people have asked for some updates to some of the existing plugins I’ve got out there, and it’s on my list of things to do…really. But, I wanted to finish this up first. This is a plugin that integrates with the tinymce visual editor to allow someone to click an RSS icon, fill in some details, and embed a shortcode in a post or page that will be replaced with an RSS feed. Here’s what the pop up window from the page or post writing screen looks like

And, here’s a screen shot of a yahoo news feed:

You can find the code over at wpmudev.org.

I’ve not tested this with a stand-alone wordpress, but I think it would probably work there as well. It’s designed to go in the plugins folder, not the mu-plugins folder.


Simple Dashboard Plugin

I hear tell that the WPMU dashboard is changing significantly in the next release. But, in the meantime, we want to be able to remove widgets from the dashboard. (Our users are easily confused. Really.) And, ideally, we’d like to be able to swap out the developer feed with one that’s more applicable. Say, oh, I dunno, a help feed. So, I whipped up this fairly simple plugin to let site admins do that. Okay, I could have made it way simpler by just making the installer modify code. But, I hate doing that.

Oh, and props to Kevin Graeme, who’s been my sounding board/architect/big ideas guy for all of these plugins.

Anyway, code can be found here.

TinyMCE Custom Buttons & Shortcode Example

So, I wanted to do some work with adding a custom button to the TinyMCE visual editor in WPMU. I found a few references to other people doing it here and there, but no good tutorials and no simple examples. I tried to wrap my head around Viper’s Video Quicktags code. But, what he’s doing is fairly complex (to say the least).

I found a somewhat simpler plugin to follow – Alex Rabe’s Wordtube plugin. But, it still did a lot more than what I needed.

So, I took Alex’s code and simplified it a lot and came up with a much simpler Hello World Example. The code can be found here. Simply extract this into your wp-content/plugins directory. It will add an RSS icon (just because that’s the real plugin I’m working on – it has nothing to do with Hello World, really) into your TinyMCE editor. Clicking the icon pops open a simple dialog box that asks you to enter your name. A shortcode will then be entered into your post/page. When the post/page is rendered, it will replace the shortcode with “Hello ” and the text that you entered.

I hope this helps someone else muddle through adding a custom button to TinyMCE for WordPress MU.