New Blog Defaults Bug Fix

So, apparently there was a bug in the latest version of New Blog Defaults. Permalinks weren’t working correctly on sub-domain installs. Here’s the latest version that has been tested on sub-domains and theoretically works. I don’t have a sub-domain environment on which to test, so I’m trusting my tester out there. (Thanks, Ovidiu.)


Dashboard Widgets in 2.7

I updated the Codex today to include some information that I had to dig up for my simple dashboard plugin (2.7 version to be released soon). I thought I’d mention it over here in case anyone else is mucking about with the new dashboard API. Check out the section on removing dashboard widgets – I listed out all the widgets that are on the dashboard by default, and how I got them.

WPMU 2.7 version of New Blog Defaults Released

You’ve been waiting for it, and here it is! The 2.7 version of the New Blog Defaults plugin. New features include the ability to delete the Mr. WordPress initial comment, the ability to place the initial Hello World post in draft mode (so it won’t show up on the site), a bunch of new discussion settings for 2.7 users, the default large image size, and more.


Download the code here.

WPMU Hide Email Fields

If you’re using an alternate login scheme for a WPMU install, for example, LDAP, you might not want your users to be able change their email addresses within WPMU. This is a quick plugin that hides the email field in the profile page for users, replacing it with a notice that they are not able to edit their email.

Site admins can still edit email addresses via the edit user page. Though our testing with the WPMU ldap tag indicates that their may be issues with email addresses that do not match the ldap email address.

Download the code here.

New Blog Defaults – Updating for 2.7

I’m in the process of updating the new blog defaults plugin to incorporate the additional settings found in 2.7 (default avatar, large image size, a bunch of comments settings). If there are other defaults you’d like to see added, add a comment here. I may be able to work them in while I’m in updating mode.