New Blog Defaults Bug Fix

So, apparently there was a bug in the latest version of New Blog Defaults. Permalinks weren’t working correctly on sub-domain installs. Here’s the latest version that has been tested on sub-domains and theoretically works. I don’t have a sub-domain environment on which to test, so I’m trusting my tester out there. (Thanks, Ovidiu.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing you plugin with all of us. I just put it in place and everything seemed to work great in the next new account. I’m no programmer so these things are a great help. Would love to be able to set specific plugins sitewide and multiple page defaults as well for new blogs but that is where the whole lack of being a programmer thing gets me. Thanks again for all the hardwork. Ill share the site soon when its done for reference.

  2. Lester

     /  April 13, 2009

    How do i install the plugin… without downloading a zip?

  3. Well, you have to download the zip file to get the plugin. But, once you’ve downloaded it, all you do is put it in the mu-plugins folder.

  4. Romik

     /  May 4, 2009

    Hello, great plugin however I noticed it seems not working when a new user creates a new blog himself. When I create a new blog it works great. I use WPMU 2.7 and subdomains.



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