Another New Blog Defaults Bug Fix

The permalinks continue to be a source of frustration, eh? So, the latest bug pointed out by Sam, in this thread,, involved the addition of the “blog” word in sub directory category and tag bases. I believe this fix should take care of that. If you weren’t using category base or tag base in your defaults, you probably don’t need this fix. If you were, then it’s probably going to help you out.

Get the code here:

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  1. Do you know how to create a custom blog roll site wide in MU. I want to allow my users to change it if they want too. But I want the default blog roll to be the same for all new sites. So Instead of the and the links I want to insert my own links for every new blog.

    Joe Justin

  2. It’d be fairly easy to do – you’d just need to add a line that inserts your new links inside the switch_to_blog() section… It would be something like so:

    $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->links, array('link_url' => '', 'link_name' => '', 'link_category' => '1356', 'link_owner' => $user_id, 'link_rss' => '') );

  3. Thanks for the help. Can you help me out with where to access the code? Is it a specific PHP file or can I access it in the admin panel?

  4. Deanna, I was trying to be lazy, I found the PHP file and the place where it inserts the defualt links. Thanks again for you help.

    I think by putting my custom links in this, I won’t worry so much about the sloggers… ; )

  5. Stace

     /  October 23, 2009

    Great plug in – it sets everything I need with one exception: under the “Reading” settings, there is no ability to set “Front Page Displays” options.

    Is there any way you can help me add this? Even hard coding it to Front Page Displays -> Static Page -> Front Page -> MyCustomPage?

    Thanks very much,


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