New Blog Defaults Bug Fix – Yet Again

My coworker discovered another bug. (Thanks, Kevin.) Apparently, after a user created a new blog, they were being directed back to the main blog on the congratulations page.The latest version fixes that issue.

Get the code here:

10 thoughts on “New Blog Defaults Bug Fix – Yet Again

  1. Even with the latest version downloaded I get an error after creating the blog: ths site goes error 500, but actually the blog is created. So something in the end makes this problems.

  2. Now I figured it out!

    If I change the value of “Default Category” or/and “Default Link Category” to a string with Swedish characters like ö,ä,å then I get 500 error on when the blog is created.

  3. Interesting – I’ve not done anything with any language other than English. I’ll take a look sometime next week and see if I can figure out what’s up.

  4. Another thing is that for a non-english language you can set whatever you want for “Default Link Category”, it will not change 😦

  5. Hi Deanna,

    I’ve noticed a somewhat “bug”.

    If you’re using BuddyPress and a user creates a new blog from BuddyPress, the user has an option to choose the privacy setting.

    However, the “New Blog Defaults” plugin overrides whatever privacy setting the user chooses at the “My Blogs > Create A Blog” stage in BuddyPress.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  6. Ray – I should probably have a note in there like I do with the title. Because of where the hook to run stuff on blog creation happens, I’m not sure there’s much I can do about overwriting…. And, I’m not sure how it should be implemented… I kind of see this “the way it should work” – in other words, if the site admin is saying, “all new blogs are private” then, users shouldn’t be able to override it on blog creation. They should be able to override it once a blog is created if they want. And, they can via settings. Does that make sense?

  7. Martin,
    I tested setting the default category to öäå and it didn’t cause any issues for me. I’m running the site in English and with subdirectories. So, it may be an issue interacting with language packs or something. I’ve really not done anything with internationalizing….

  8. Hi Deanna,

    Quick feature request for your plugin…

    For WPMU users who also use bbPress, the integration requires that all new users become subscribers to the main WPMU blog, which no longer happens automatically.

    Can you add a checkbox to your plugin which calls a the add_user_to_blog function? I tried to hack it myself, but am coming up short.

    See this post for more info:

    Thanks so much,

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