Simple Dashboard Plugin Updated

1.3.2 release – It came to my attention that the core function get_blog_list does not include private blogs. So, I swapped out that code for a direct database call to get all blogs that aren’t spam, mature or deleted. I also streamlined the behind the scenes dashboard updates for a bit more efficiency.

Get the latest code over at


2 thoughts on “Simple Dashboard Plugin Updated

  1. Curious issue, not sure if it is related to your plugin…

    When I add as the primary feed. It shows 5 items but they are from back in August.
    Link to screenshot

    The feed, which is from the sitewide tags blog on our WPMu, works in other aggregators (IE, Outlook, raw text), but does not within the Simple Dashboard Primary feed.

    Didn’t know if it was an issue with WP core feed stuff, or somehow related to your s-d plugin. Any ideas?

    1. Have you tried it with other feeds? I’ve not seen that issue before. WP uses some caching for feeds, and it’s possible the cache is “stuck” somehow… But, I have it running on a couple of sites and it is correctly grabbing the most current posts on all of them.

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