Google Maps Embed Plugin

I’ve released a new Google Maps Embed plugin for WPMU (and should work fine for WordPress as well). It uses the link generated by a Google map instead of the API key, for those users or those situations when using an API key is overkill.

Find it here:


9 thoughts on “Google Maps Embed Plugin

  1. Great plugin, we`ve been using it with excellent results. Only one question I have, when the maps are displayed they come up as satellite view, how can I render them as street view ?
    Thanks again for this great plugin.

    1. in the lib/shortcodes.php file, look for:


      Remove that and it will default to map view. Now that you’ve brought it to my attention, I’ll probably add a parameter to the config screen so that you can choose which view, but might not get to that until later this week.

      1. Excellent, thanks.
        Got one more think, one street that I display has an apostrophe and it looks like the maps can’t really point on it.

      2. Can you give me an example address to play with? I can’t think of any apostrophe streets off the top of my head. I’m getting ready to release the next version that includes a quick tag, as well….

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