Google Maps Embed Plugin 1.1 Released

This is just a small update to the google maps embed plugin I previously released. The one includes a quicktag on the HTML editor bar. It also defaults to map view instead of satellite view, and opens the larger map in a new window.

Enjoy the new version!

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  1. michael

     /  October 6, 2009

    Is it possible that the maps stopped working without me updating the plugin ? Thanks

  2. michael

     /  October 6, 2009

    I can’t find the new plugin in the “Add New” search on MU, the old plugin had stopped working for any new links, the old ones are fine.

    • The internal add new search for plugins only works for plugins housed at This one isn’t – it’s at wpmudev. See the link in the article to download the new code. I’m not sure why it would have just stopped working. Did you install some other plugin that might be conflicting?

  3. michael

     /  October 14, 2009

    Deanna, can Google Street View be enabled with this wordpress plugin ?

  4. @michael – I’ll take a look and see if there’s anyway to do it. I’m not sure. I’m not using the API at all in this – just the stuff that I can pull from the normal embed code. I’ll have to do some testing to see if there is anything in the embed code to indicate street view.

  5. michael

     /  November 21, 2009

    I have updated my blog these days with a new version from wp. It looks like the Google Maps plugin is not synch, i have tried to install it over and I got: “The plugin does not have a valid header”

    Thanks Deanna

    • Are you using the latest version?

      I’m in the process of migrating all my plugins over to So, that’s where the latest code is…

      I haven’t tested with the newest version of WP (2.8.6). I primarily use WPMU. I can test with straight WP, but it might take me a day or two.

      • michael

         /  November 21, 2009

        Since the update I wasnt able to see Google Map plugin on the list of plugins on my WPMU.
        I have re-installed GMaps Embed Plugin and still having the same issue, I cannot see it on the admin list of plugins.

      • I checked on the latest install of WordPress, and it’s working for me. My guess is that there must be a conflict with some other plugin you have installed….

  6. Wordmac

     /  November 27, 2009

    I get a “The plugin does not have a valid header.” from the default install via WordPress installation.

    I also get a problem with Featured Blog Widget. However many times I upgrade, I still get the message,

    “There is a new version of Featured Blog Widget available. View version 0.0 Details or upgrade automatically.”

    • Wordmac – I think this should be fixed now. I had the files in a subfolder and didn’t realize that the auto-install creates the subfolder automatically, so it was 2 levels deep. Please try it now.

      • I have same problem with one of my plugins.
        can you explain me how to fix that problem?

      • It was just a folder nesting issue for me. The plugin repo was creating a folder that I hadn’t counted on. Make sure that your plugin has a valid comments section at the top and that the files are located in the correct place.

      • Thanks a lot : )
        I solved my problem. there was no colon after “version” tag in top , commented section of plugin main file : )

  7. Wordmac

     /  November 27, 2009

    I think your answer of 23 Nov must be for someone else …?

  8. Hi

    I have just installed your plugin and it is very easy to use. I am having one problem however. The map, when it is displayed on my WP blog, is not showing the placemarks. Can you provide guidance?

  9. The map should show the placemarks if the link used shows placemarks. I tested both with auto-generated placemarks (ala “address restaurants” and placemarks added via my maps. What link are you trying to embed?


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