New Blog Defaults Updated

I’ve had a couple of requests to update my New Blog Defaults plugin for WPMU. I finally got around to doing it. Here are the new features:

The ability to close comments on the first post and page.

The plugin has long had the ability to set the blog’s default comment status. But, because the about page and the hello world post are created before the New Blog Defaults code is run, those two items weren’t affected. I could have just checked to see if you have the default status set as closed, then those items should have a status that matches. But, ultimately, I like to make my plugins as flexible as possible. So, now you can control each of those settings yourself.

New Blog Defaults Close Comments Options

New Blog Defaults Close Comments Options

Adding User to Other Blogs

This request came from the BBPress world. If you have BBPress installed on a specific blog, you need everyone to be on that blog as a subscriber. While this plugin won’t go through your existing user list and add them to a blog, and it won’t add people that just sign up without creating a blog, it will add users that both sign up and create a blog to the blog or blogs of your choice. You can set the role you’d like them to have as well. Personally, I think this is probably better handled in a separate plugin that fires on user add – not on blog creation. But, it’s not difficult to add it here.  And, it might be useful for those BuddyPress installs where people are limited to a single blog and always get a blog on signup.

New Blog Defaults Add User Options.

New Blog Defaults Add User Options.

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  1. Personally, I think this is probably better handled in a separate plugin that fires on user add – not on blog creation.

    Any chance you’ll add this to your list of plugins then? 🙂

    • Yep, it’s in the works. The holiday and today being a mandatory furlough day have put a little crimp in the timeline. But, look for it early next week.

  2. Hi,
    i like the new feature on this plugin. I’m using bbpress too and its integrated with WPMU and this plugin resolves everything.
    One of the best WPMU plugins i think 🙂 and ITS FREE!!!!


  3. Samuel

     /  December 2, 2009

    This pluggin is yours “New Blog Defaults plugin” ?

    So you can help me, after installation I have a problem in the admin :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function _x() in /home/httpd/ on line 491

    Can you help me please?

  4. Deanna,
    New Blog Defaults is working like a charm on the site I’m building for student bloggers.I’m especially finding it useful to create default categories, which will allow me to use site-wide feeds to associate student posts on given assignments across multiple blogs.

    Here’s the question: Is it possible within the current plugin to setup these categories in nested (parent/chlid) fashion?

    I played around with the instructions/prompt in the settings page, which seemed to imply one could code parent/chlid relations but am not sure if it’s actually possible or I’m just misreading the prompt.

    ” Enter categories one per line with the name followed by an equals sign and a greater than sign and then the description => Nice Name => parent id. Example: Plugins=>Find out out about my plugins=>plugins=>0″

    • Hi Ken,
      Yah, that doesn’t actually work, does it…. 🙂

      Look for an update in the next few days. I have it working in a different way now, but need to implement it for link categories, too and do some testing. Maybe out by Thursday?

  5. Lindsay

     /  January 22, 2010

    Hi Deanna-
    I have tried installing this plugin twice – it looks like it is exactly what I need to set up a bunch of child blogs on wpmu with limited settings and the same theme for each author.
    However there is no “update” or “save changes” button any where on the “New Blog Defaults” page (site admin -> new blog defaults). Am I missing something ? I am using wpmu 2.8.6

  6. Thanks for creating New Blog Defaults Deanna, it’s been a lifesaver for a project I’m currently working on. I’m having trouble with one thing though… the categories, specifically the child categories are not coming out under their parent category.

    I have set up some categories as per the documentation, it creates the categories fine, but the child categories are not listed under the parent categories they are just top level categories.

    I create all the parent categories first. I did a test and checked the parent category IDs, then I used those to assign each child category to it’s parent and created a 2nd test blog. The 2nd blog had the same ID for the parent categories, but the child categories still were not assigned to their parent category.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a known bug?

    Any ideas what could be happening, how to get it working?

    • There was a bug, and I thought I’d already released a fix for that. Apparently not. I just did now, though. It’s the 1.5.1 code. It should be available in the next few minutes. The process changed a bit. Now, you need to use the category name of the parent, instead of the parent id. And, you should make sure to have new blog defaults create the parent category first. It will only work one level deep. The new structure is: Cat Name=>Description=>Cat Nice Name (slug)=>Parent Cat Name

      For example: Code=>I do a bunch of different kinds of code=>code Plugins=>Check out my WP plugins=>plugins=>code

      Plugins should come in as a child of code in this instance.

      Make sense?

      • Thanks Deanna, that does make sense, in fact heaps more sense to use the parent category name rather than the ID. It will be easier too 🙂 Thanks a lot, I’ll download the update and give it a go.

  7. raskull

     /  March 26, 2011

    Fix to show the admin pages for cets_blogtopics and cets_blog_defaults in WP 3.1:


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