Simple Dashboard 1.3.3

Today, I had a request for my Simple Dashboard plugin to add the ability to change the contextual help on the dashboard. I had never looked into doing something like that & I wasn’t sure if there were any hooks for it. But, this is exactly what I love about WordPress. While I didn’t end up using a “hook” per se, it was super super simple to modify the the plugin to allow site admins to add their own contextual help for the dashboard. It took all of 10 minutes.

So, voila! I give you the latest, greatest version of WPMU Simple Dashboard.

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  1. Brian

     /  January 4, 2010


    I think 1.3.3 no longer works with WordPress 2.9. For the life of me, I cannot find the options menu that you refer to in the readme. I can only assume that it is disabled in 2.9. Any plans to update the plugin for 2.9 compatibility? I hate having those extra news links – would love to be able to exclude them in the name of simplicity.



  2. Sorry, this is a WPMU only plugin. 2.9 hasn’t even been released yet for WPMU. After the merge (3.0) I’ll make sure it’s working with the merged code.

  3. Brian

     /  January 4, 2010

    Ah, thanks, I’m a little new to wordpress. I’ve only just copped on to what WPMU is. You mention the merge – are there are active topics on this in the forums you could refer me to? My searches have turned up info on version 2.9 of WPMU as imminent, but nothing on 3.0.

  4. philippmuenchen

     /  January 18, 2010


    I’m a very big fan of your Plugins. They are all great! 😉
    I would like to update my WPMU installation to WPMU 2.9.1. Because there are nice new functions. I can’t find some information, whether the plugins still work with WPMU 2.9!

    Could you please give me some informations?!

    Many greetings from Jerusalem


    • I haven’t actually had a chance to test them on 2.9.1 yet. I _think_ there might be a bug patch coming out. So, I’ve been waiting for that that. (And, I’ve been working on a massive project.) When I get them tested, I’ll post about it. Sorry!

    • Okay, I finally got a chance to test this on I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I updated the readme to reflect that it’s been tested up to Hopefully you’ll find it works for you, too.

  5. philippmuenchen

     /  February 2, 2010

    You’re great! I also tried it for the last few days and it wors fine. So thanks a lot for your great work and please continue like this!!!

    Greetings from Jerusalem



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