WordPress Plugin Updates for WP 3.1

The following plugins have been updated (finally – sorry) for WP 3.1.1:

Blog Topics

  • Management menu moved to network admin
  • Aggregation terminology changed to “share/don’t share”
  • New sites default to not sharing
  • Notification added to site admin dashboard if site is not being shared
  • Sharing settings & notification settings moved to site admin -> privacy page
  • Bug fixed in setting the featured topic on network admin config page

New Blog Defaults

  • Admin page moved to Network -> Settings
  • Increased required version to WP 3.0 (people running prior versions will need to get older versions of this plugin out of the repository)

WPMU Default User Role

  • Moved admin menu to Network -> Users

WPMU Plugin Stats

  • Moved admin menu to Network -> Plugins

WPMU Theme Info

  • Moved admin menu to Network -> Themes

I think that the other plugins all work as expected in 3.1. If not, let me know.