WordPress Plugin Updates for WP 3.1

The following plugins have been updated (finally – sorry) for WP 3.1.1:

Blog Topics

  • Management menu moved to network admin
  • Aggregation terminology changed to “share/don’t share”
  • New sites default to not sharing
  • Notification added to site admin dashboard if site is not being shared
  • Sharing settings & notification settings moved to site admin -> privacy page
  • Bug fixed in setting the featured topic on network admin config page

New Blog Defaults

  • Admin page moved to Network -> Settings
  • Increased required version to WP 3.0 (people running prior versions will need to get older versions of this plugin out of the repository)

WPMU Default User Role

  • Moved admin menu to Network -> Users

WPMU Plugin Stats

  • Moved admin menu to Network -> Plugins

WPMU Theme Info

  • Moved admin menu to Network -> Themes

I think that the other plugins all work as expected in 3.1. If not, let me know.

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  1. sillyandrea

     /  April 19, 2011

    Woot! And thanks! I did mention your plugins in the WordPRess All-In-One book.

  2. Awesome! Glad I didn’t have to add support for the network admin menus myself. It was getting confusing going back into site admin to look at theme and plugin stats.

    There is one more thing I’d like to see in the New Blog Defaults plugin: removing the default page. 75% of our users don’t delete or change this page and it’s so unattractive to have “Sample Page” in their blog menu.

  3. Gosselet Catherine

     /  December 9, 2011

    It is possible to add a custom feature on New blog default, and how much it will cost, please?
    Your plugin make post categories site wide. I want to create a network of shops and I need the same feature of your plugin but for product categories created in product posts. I would like to use jigoshop (jigoshop.com) which use post types. It is possible?
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

    • I’m not actually following what you’re saying, so I can’t give you any pointers. But, sorry, I don’t do custom development.


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