New Blog Defaults – Updating for 2.7

I’m in the process of updating the new blog defaults plugin to incorporate the additional settings found in 2.7 (default avatar, large image size, a bunch of comments settings). If there are other defaults you’d like to see added, add a comment here. I may be able to work them in while I’m in updating mode.

Embed RSS Plugin

I know that some people have asked for some updates to some of the existing plugins I’ve got out there, and it’s on my list of things to do…really. But, I wanted to finish this up first. This is a plugin that integrates with the tinymce visual editor to allow someone to click an RSS icon, fill in some details, and embed a shortcode in a post or page that will be replaced with an RSS feed. Here’s what the pop up window from the page or post writing screen looks like

And, here’s a screen shot of a yahoo news feed:

You can find the code over at

I’ve not tested this with a stand-alone wordpress, but I think it would probably work there as well. It’s designed to go in the plugins folder, not the mu-plugins folder.