Dashboard Widgets in 2.7

I updated the Codex today to include some information that I had to dig up for my simple dashboard plugin (2.7 version to be released soon). I thought I’d mention it over here in case anyone else is mucking about with the new dashboard API. Check out the section on removing dashboard widgets – I listed out all the widgets that are on the dashboard by default, and how I got them.


TinyMCE Custom Buttons & Shortcode Example

So, I wanted to do some work with adding a custom button to the TinyMCE visual editor in WPMU. I found a few references to other people doing it here and there, but no good tutorials and no simple examples. I tried to wrap my head around Viper’s Video Quicktags code. But, what he’s doing is fairly complex (to say the least).

I found a somewhat simpler plugin to follow – Alex Rabe’s Wordtube plugin. But, it still did a lot more than what I needed.

So, I took Alex’s code and simplified it a lot and came up with a much simpler Hello World Example. The code can be found here. Simply extract this into your wp-content/plugins directory. It will add an RSS icon (just because that’s the real plugin I’m working on – it has nothing to do with Hello World, really) into your TinyMCE editor. Clicking the icon pops open a simple dialog box that asks you to enter your name. A shortcode will then be entered into your post/page. When the post/page is rendered, it will replace the shortcode with “Hello ” and the text that you entered.

I hope this helps someone else muddle through adding a custom button to TinyMCE for WordPress MU.