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Most of my plugins can now be found on Check out the automagically updated list:

There are a couple I’ve yet to move over there:



42 thoughts on “My Plugins

  1. Hi, I’ve noticed that the extra portal and directory templates in v. 0.3.2 of Blog Topics for WPMU do not work. At least not in WP 2.8.4 + BuddyPress 1.1. Or at least not for me.

    I just found and began using the plugin yesterday, and wrote a short blog post on how users might hack it to make it work until an update is released. (I’m assuming here that I am not the actual problem). Anyway, it was easy enough to fix/modify so thanks for a really useful plugin. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more.


    1. Thanks – great post about how to tweak it. The version we’re currently using in house is super integrated with our themes, and doesn’t use the portal page anymore. There’s URL rewrites integrated and all that jazz. One of these days, I really should get around to releasing a new version of the code. But, I haven’t had a chance to clean it up for public consumption yet.

  2. Hi Deanna – It seems that the 1.3 version of Embed RSS in the repository installs into a sub-folder, so I get “plugin does not have a valid header” on the initial install during activation (in wp2.8.5 anyway)

    I moved the contents of the cets-embed-rss folder to the embed-rss folder and now I can install/manage it from the plugin admin page. I’m a little worried about how this will affect updates to the plugin? Is there a better way to solve this?


    1. I’ll fix it tomorrow. We have our internal SVN set up to need the directory, and I hadn’t realized that the svn creates a directory when you install via wordpress. (We never do that.)

      1. Updated to version 1.3.1. The only change in this version is that I fixed the extra folder issue. It should now work to be managed via the plugins page. (At least, it worked for me in my test beta install of WP 2.9.)

  3. Hi DeannaS,
    I have been longing for a plugin like WPMU Default User Role for a few months but sadly it is not working for me. I suspect a conflict but rather than giving you the full gory details of my setup here would you be able to contact me via email or is there somewhere else I should be going for support?

  4. Hi Deanna,

    I have activated the Default User Role plugin for WordPress MU. Unfortunately, it’s not working. I currently cannot add blogs/URLs for the default registration. I’m using version

    The changes the plugin makes (if they are made) do not appear to be reflected on the UI.

    Any help would be appreciated.


      1. I also believe that it may have something to do with the fact that each blog is mapped to a domain ( instead of using a directory (/blog1/ /blog2/).


    1. Okay, I just tested this on with Ron & Andrea’s domain mapping plugin and it seems to be working. I did make one tweak to the plugin to include the blog id for domains with the name of “/” so that you could tell which blog you were using. But, it appears to work when I test it.

      If it’s still not working for you, I’d need more info. Screen shots of what you’re seeing, perhaps?

      1. Hi Deanna,

        It still does not work for me. I’d be more than happy to send you a screen shot or two. In addition, the add link does not seem to work at all for me.

        Send me an email to the address in the comments.


  5. After using the plugin on Buddypress 1.1.3 and WPMU my Recent SiteWide Posts Widget doesn’t display anything anymore. No matter how many blog posts I create, it won’t update saying that no posts have been created.



  6. Just wanted to point out, not sure where the best place to do so, but there seems to still be some legacy paths in cets_EmbedRSS.php pointing to the directory cets_embed_rss instead of embed-rss, which causes if nothing else 404 errors

  7. Hiya,

    I’m enjoy in the ‘default user role’ plugin very much, thanks for your works.
    There is a little bit inconvenience happened when I added blogs for each new blogs.
    Could you tell me how to add all blogs at once? ( select all )

    thanks again,

  8. Hiya,

    I enjoy the ‘default user role’ plugin very much, thanks for your works.
    There is a little bit inconvenience happened when I added blogs for each new blogs.
    Could you tell me how to add all blogs at once? ( select all )

    thanks again,

  9. Hi,

    Been using your Default User Role plugin for awhile now and it’s been great! But it seems to stopped working and I can’t figure it out.

    I’ve got to figure it’s something in my installation but I’ve tried deactivating all plugins, deleting the two preference records in the DB and reinstalling a fresh copy of the plugin – all with no luck.

    Any ideas on where else I might look or things I might try? I’m kind of at my wits end.

    Thanks very much,

    1. Have you upgraded to 3 yet? I haven’t tested any of my plugins on 3 yet. The boss has me on another project and my wordpress stuff has really taken a back seat. I will eventually get to it, but I’m not sure when.

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        My issue seems to have resolved itself, though I’m not sure how so I can’t pass along any fixes. Still using 2.9.2 – we run about 15 school sites from this installation so I’m a little afraid about what might break!

        Thanks again,

  10. Hi,
    Am using your Embded RSS Plugin – it works great!
    I own and operate web design business, need your urgent expertise.
    Have included the plugin to display all my comments, however it only shows 10 where I have over 25. I have also changed the # of comments to display – to no avail.
    Also, how do you spearate and add a space between each comment?
    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  11. Interested in your Terms of Service (Revisited) but it seems to be behind a pay wall now. Do you at least get something from that?

    Also, on your “About” page you shared your mods to “add-local-avatars” but it doesn’t seem t show up (#17). Any way to get that code to appear?

    And thanks for the Great Plugin Update, I really appreciate your hard work!

  12. not sure of wordpress plugin etiquette as this was my first contribution, but after finding your (99.99%) complete solution to the MU dashboard 1 column default at

    i tried to comment with the javascript redirect completion (the remaining .001%), but alas, the forum seems to have been closed and moved forever.

    not wanting an actual solution to be lost forever i put together the plugin and named you as a contributor, not actually realizing that you’d be credited in the plugin authors, and as this may be considered bad manners, i’m contacting you here – first to thank you, second to make sure that you actually want to be credited, and third, if the latter is untrue, to make sure that i remove (or add? any add’l credit due) as soon as possible.

    sorry, additionally, as this has turned into such a long rambling of sorts. i pretty much said the same thing here, which again, should you decide, may be edited as you see fit.

    thanks, jake

  13. Hiya,

    I’ve noticed two bugs in the Google Maps Embed plugin and have posted in the WordPress GME forum about these (including a fix for 1). Just wondering whether you see those messages πŸ˜‰


  14. Hi Deanna,
    Embed RSS is a very handy plugin.
    However when I installed v1.5 from wordpress’ repository, there was an error in cets_EmbedRSS.php
    The wp_enqueue_style call had a typo in the path for the CSS file, meaning that the dialog had a transparent background when it popped up!
    Need to change /embed_rss/lib/jquery-ui/cets-jquery-ui.css to /embed-rss/lib/jquery-ui/cets-jquery-ui.css


  15. I love the Embed RSS plugin. It has been a true life saver for me. It does everything I need. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    I have a little hitch though and it’s probably an easy fix that I simply am overlooking. All of my excerpts have a Continue Reading -> “link” at the end which doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because it’s really not a link… I imagine it’s because I don’t have the &More coded properly somewhere…. I am using a Twenty Ten child theme. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  16. I love your google embed plugin. It seems however, that I get an error when trying to use it, I will post the error link/line here. I have used it successfully before upgrading to the lastest wordpress version. I hope you can help me out.

    The error is seen on my contact page and it looks like this, (if your not visiting)

    Warning: Wrong parameter count for substr_count() in /home/windsors/public_html/wp-content/plugins/google-maps-embed/lib/shortcodes.php on line 42

  17. Deanna,
    Love and use the Embed RSS plugin.
    However I need the link to open in a new “_blank” target.
    I want the visitor to stay or come back to my site when he/she finished perusing whatever is at the other end of the link.
    Can you tell me how I can achieve that?
    Thank you

    1. In the shortcodes.php file, just look for where the $out variable is set with the link and add your target in there

      $out .= "<li><a class='post' href='$link' title='$desc' rel="nofollow" target="new"...

  18. Hi,

    just one quick question. We’re going to use WP 3.2 Multisite in one project. Is the plugin “Blog Topics For WPMU” working in that environment?
    Thank you for your help!!!

  19. Hi, I use embed RSS, i’ve just updated my WordPress theme to the VideoSwiper WordPress Video CMS theme. Now all of the feeds are appearing on top of each other. I need to increase the spacing between each feed heading, can you tell me where in the css I change this? Thanks. Jon

  20. Hi Deanna,

    excellent Embed RSS plugin, really useful and very quick and efficient. 2 quick questions.

    Firstly is it possible to pull or display any images associated with the posts?

    Secondly is there a way ( perhaps in the css ) to have any links clicked opened in a new window?

    Thanks again for a superb piece of kit.



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